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(Graduates and professionals with experience)

Welcome to the XMART Team!

Since our company was founded in 1998, we have become a successful global IT service provider. We work creatively, innovatively and professionally and have the highest quality requirements while still remaining down-to-earth. Maintaining the charm of a family atmosphere in a global business is important to us.

We continue to grow and are looking for people who will enrich our team with their uniqueness.

You can look forward to a professional team, long-term prospects and an impressive benefits package.

We are looking forward to your application to the jobs we advertise and to your unsolicited application at jobs@xmart.de

XMART … be part of IT!

Enterprise · Career

Career Training

(High school and university students)

You are curious, love progress and developments sometimes can't go fast enough?

Then IT is just the place for you!

No other industry is as dynamic as the IT industry, which lives from constant development and progress. 

What is the latest and greatest today can be a non-starter tomorrow.
And you can contribute every day to making the life and work of our partners and customers a little better. 

We want to make it possible for you to have the best start to your career and offer you a sound education in our professional team. Of course with an interesting perspective for your future.

Sounds cool? That's what we thought, and we are looking forward to your application at jobs@xmart.de as:

  • Qualified IT specialist system integration
  • Qualified IT specialist application development
  • Students in integrated Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) programme majoring in business computing

You first like to get an idea before starting with us?

Just apply as an intern with us.