June 2021: Summer is almost there!

In 2020 Beach Soccer Zeeland didn’t play any competition due to Covid-19 with their men’s and women’s team. The men’s team played a couple of friendly games at THE XMART BEACH SPORT ACCOMMODATION against Beach Soccer Bergen op Zoom and Beach Soccer Brussels. Although they couldn’t play much themselves, BSZ was able to do a lot for kids!

A contribution by Beach Soccer Zeeland.

Friendly games

In July 2020 we played two friendly games at THE XMART BEACH SPORT ACCOMMODATION. Since there were few other activities due to Covid-19, this was a great opportunity for everyone to enjoy playing games again. Against BS Bergen op Zoom we won after penalties. BS Brussels won the tournament after they won against us with 6-4 and against BS Bergen op Zoom with 6-3.

Beach Soccer Academy Zeeland

We also started our Beach Soccer Academy Zeeland. With this Academy we train young players and give clinics to interested teams. During Summer 2020 we have organized 8 training days where we trained between 30 and 40 kids each day. We are continuing with this in 2021. We already organized some trainings at the beginning of May on the sand and street together with Groene Ster Vlissingen, a Futsal team that is playing in the Eredivisie, the highest league in The Netherlands. During the entire Summer period we will provide training on Saturdays for kids from 7-13 years and for youngsters from 13-16 years. We will also provide Beach Soccer clinics for club teams, a couple of clinics are already planned.


The Dutch Beach Soccer Association has informed us about the possible planning of a competition in the first weeks of July. If allowed within the Covid-19 regulations, both the men’s team and the women’s team will finally play competition again. Now we are training every week and we hope that we can play this competition also on our field, so fingers crossed!

Improvements to the accommodation

We want our accommodation look good and we continuously want to improve it further. That is why we have done some improvements last year, like a walkway around the field and ball catchers behind the goals. This year we want to build a terrace and move the material container to another place. On the container we will put a nice canvas with pictures of our team and the logo of XMART. And finally we want to transform the asphalt into a street football field. It will be very nice.

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