Expert Services

… the right skills at the right place allow us to quickly get a handle on the situation and solve problems right away

We offer a full range of services in all areas of IT infrastructure and IT  project management:

  • Client administrators for operations and support
  • Server administrators for operations and support
  • Server administrators for technical project implementation
  • IT architects in every environment, right up to Enterprise
  • IT project and partial project managers
  • IT coordinators
  • Project assistants
  • Automation administrators and architects
  • Software developers

Our experts have gained a lot of experience over the years in various customer environments of different sizes; they are solution-oriented, creative, empathetic and sympathetic.

We know that outsourcing your IT is a matter of trust.

Let us examine together whether we can handle your IT faster, more affordably and more securely, so that your energy can be fully dedicated to the core competences of your business and the IT runs all by itself.

Time & Material

Continuity and stability are key to our successful expert service.

Our experts will be happy to assist you for as long as you want,  and will be available in person. Of course you will always have the same experts available to you on site,  who are professionals that are familiar with your environment.

The costs will always remain predictable for you, because we only charge for services that were actually provided.
This is an advantage especially when it comes to support for operations and projects.

Reliability, professionalism and fairness - this is how customer orientation works in action at XMART. 

What can we do for you?

Contract of Work

Our experts work according to the principle: solution first!

This is achieved through experience, flexibility, fast response and reliable service - when troubleshooting is required. 

In our service contracts, we define your customized total package from the complete spectrum of our services together with you. What this means for you is great security and transparency.

Conducting a detailed analysis of the situation in advance allows us to make you an honest offer providing solutions at a fair price. 

Offering cheap solutions only to confront the customer with high follow-up costs at a later time is not our idea of customer orientation and partnership. This simply makes our offers better in the long run. 

We would love to convince you of the many advantages our Expert Service at XMART has to offer and would be happy to advise you! 

Training Programmes

At XMART, we rely on ITIL-trained and certified experts who work with our customers according to ITIL standards.

We would be happy to pass on our knowledge to our customers and to train your staff in all technical areas of our service spectrum and within the context of your individual IT environment.

Together with you, we coordinate the contents of the training programme according to your requirements and provide targeted training. 

Make use our expert knowledge in the form of practice-oriented workshops, which only leave us satisfied when your staff has understood the contents and can implemented them. 

We are completely flexible as far as the location is concerned - in-house at your place, in our offices or externally - you can count on us!