Enjoy all the benefits of a new dimension of IT services. Integrated, comprehensive and responsible - simply a little more than one expects.

We are looking forward to showing you what is really possible in IT with a proper idea of the service concept!


Cloud Solutions

We support you in the development of your individual cloud strategy. Their experience and knowledge allows XMART experts look behind the scenes, and even provide insider knowledge, if necessary. 

Together with you, we will examine in detail which solutions from the complete range of IT solutions are possible under what circumstances.

Profit from results that are based on a thorough analysis and advantages such as the efficient use of resources and synergy effects.

Simplify your processes while maintaining maximum security, optimized costs and enjoying the advantages of comprehensive and cooperative customer support.

Just stay flexible, no matter what the future brings.

We are happy to help!


Software Defined Solutions

The choice in the market is great, but nothing really fits?

We have the solution and simply offer you a little more - your tailor-made and individual software solution that makes you even more successful. 

Take the plunge together with us, stay flexible and stay on top of the costs, the development and the integration.

If you hardly notice the implementation processes and your systems continue to work reliably, then we have done everything right!


Managed Service

We take over in your IT what we have defined together and you stay on top of things!

Our XMART module system service offers endless possibilities to optimize your IT.

Whether you want us to take care of parts of your IT infrastructure or your entire IT infrastructure, we will always work as a partner together with you to come up with functional and future-proof solutions.

Our operating system, network and storage experts will give you comprehensive support and have the ambition to recognize today what will be crucial in the future, and on a stable foundation at that.

"Onsite" or "remote"? Locally or worldwide and any time?

What can we do for you?


Security Solutions

Security is everything - and everything is nothing without security ...

It's not only the statutory regulations, but also mainly the personal and human aspects that make us at XMART regard the issue of security with a great sense of responsibility. 

All globally networked areas require maximum protection against damage, data theft and manipulation. 

We will of course help you in all areas concerning functional IT security solutions, from consultation, design, implementation to on-going operations. 

Your data is thus effectively protected and transmission processes are being constantly monitored - securely! 


Hardware Solutions

No matter if you already have existing hardware or want to purchase new hardware. We support the equipment classes of almost all manufacturers and offer you comprehensive hardware support, globally and independently.

An open and sovereign consultation before the purchase is for us Of course.

For us, it is a matter of course to give you open and confident advice prior to any purchase. 

We provide support for your hardware and the OS server you use and take over infrastructure-related applications - in short: we ensure secure and reliable operations according to the requirements of your environment.